Hi, my name is Brooke and I am a senior at Roberts Wesleyan College- terrified of graduating, while at the same time delighted by the idea of future prospects. Despite the uncertainty of agendas, graduate schools, etc. I am confident in my passion for critical thought, love of literature, and most certainly my gentle calling toward the outdoors, the scenic routes, gravel roads, and hiking trails.
I entitled this blog “Rediscovering Shalom”, because in Judaic tradition Shalom refers to completeness or wholeness. It is my conviction that the completeness of which the Old Testament speaks of can only be achieved by a renewed passion for  the earth, by a willingness to allow our hands and feet to become dirty, earthy, an objective that is so rarely treated seriously by the mandates of Western society.
In order to accomplish this pursuit in my own life I have decided to venture on a camping trip alongside my best friend Jeremy Goetz next summer with the aspiration to become a part of the narrative of the land itself, enriched in its sustenance. While others have argued that a blog should be created by an expert, I desire you, my reader, to become a part of my preparation, my anticipation.
I hope to include in this blog all the necessary components to a successful outdoor adventure-whether it be the perfect road trip playlist, a list and description of edible plants, or a list of classical literature, as well as several instructional manuals, intended to stir passion as well as offer tangible guidance.
In the end, I hope to leave you with pictures and anecdotes of my own time spent on this foreseen venture and a documentation of the effectiveness of my work and fervent study in looking forward to this trip.
If you yourself are an avid camper or adventurer feel free to leave nifty tips or thoughts regarding the trajectory of this adventure, my hope is that this blog will become a community of active learners as opposed to a mere journal of self-reflection.